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A selection of images from our past events.

The Champagne Tower Hire service is committed to delivering exceptional glass-on-glass services on a consistent basis, thereby demonstrating their exceptional quality and expertise. Throughout the years, we have effectively established a commendable standing among our clientele through the provision of a magnificent exhibition featuring champagne cascading from our magnificent glass structures onto glass. The past events displayed in our gallery have demonstrated our clients’ appreciation for the smallest of details, ingenuity, and the capacity to produce unforgettable experiences.

The Champagne Tower Hire team uses a meticulous design process for all tower structures, ensuring that each glass is delicately balanced to produce a visually captivating focal point. For instance, as the bride and groom poured the initial bottle of champagne, their guests were enthralled by the graceful descent of the flavoured liquid down the tower, which encouraged an enchanting and festive atmosphere.

In addition, Champagne Tower Hire has demonstrated in the past that it is committed to innovation and exceeding its clients’ expectations through its previous services. We unveiled a new LED-branded base for the client’s glass structure at a corporate event.By utilising this distinctive foundation, the client’s logo could be prominently displayed and illuminated, thereby augmenting the event’s aura of sophistication and elegance. All attendees had a once-in-a-lifetime experience due to the Champagne Tower Hire team’s proficiency and the incorporation of corporate customisation.

We consistently strive to surpass expectations in the realm of glass-on-glass services. Our previous events in London and all over the UK have demonstrated remarkable proficiency in conceiving and carrying out of grand champagne structures, which have indelibly influenced each occasion.

Champagne Tower Hire services remain the preferred option for individuals in search of an unforgettable and aesthetically pleasing focal point for their special occasions due to their unwavering commitment to innovation, meticulous attention to detail, and ability to generate unique experiences.