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Frequently Asked Questions

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Common questions from customers

Below is a selection of questions we get asked most often by potential clients.

No alcohol is included within this service, however the alcohol can be supplied at additional cost.
Yes, our staff will take full control of the service.
You may pour yourself, or we can pour on your behalf if you'd prefer. The majority of wedding couples or hosts choose to pour the tower. At the time of service, we give you with complete pouring instructions.

The customer does; we do not provide champagne.

Champagne Towers are magnificent structures that flow gracefully. They make for fantastic photos. When deciding the sparkling/champagne to use, consider if the tower will be disassembled and whether ALL glasses will be used for a toast.

Experience has taught us that the optimal time to pour the tower is at the beginning of the event.

Each region has its own price, which includes both travel & staff expenses.

Once the equipment has been unloaded, we need 30/45 minutes to set the glasses.

Champagne Tower Hire

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